Homesickness: how to beat it

Moving house is an emotional experience, but relocating to another country can be a real rollercoaster of emotion. Beating homesicknessWhether you’re leaving friends, family or your beloved pets behind in the UK, it’s natural to experience a degree of homesickness.

With fifty years of moving people around the world for many different reasons, our experts have put together some top tips to handle those homesickness niggles.

Stay in touch

Keep in contact with your friends and family back home. Video calling and instant messaging are a great way to stay in touch. Make sure you take time difference, if there is one, into consideration – plan video calls with your loved ones back home in advance, so to give you something to look forward to.

Keep going

It may be tempting to throw in the towel and return home, but stay focused. Remember why you relocated in the first place. Whether you’ve relocated for a job opportunity or to join family abroad, it’s all worthwhile.


Establish a routine to keep you occupied – if you’ve moved for a job opportunity, immerse yourself in your new role. You’ll also have a ready-made social circle in your work colleagues too.

Don’t look back

Stay engaged in the now - soak up your new surroundings. Whether it’s skiing in the mountains or visiting a new gallery in the heart of the city, experience everything your new home has to offer. This is a great way to form other new social circles too.

Other expats

There may be other Brit expats that have had similar experiences. Many popular destinations already have established expat communities, and online expat forums are a great sources for advice and support.


If you have time before you make the big move overseas, take an extra-long trip to your new destination to get used to the idea of calling it home. It may ease feelings of culture shock and homesickness.

If you’d like more advice about relocating abroad, take a look at our useful info section.