How to plan for your move in uncertain times

It’s never too early to plan your international move, the more time you have to plan, the better. 

Do your research

From differences in culture or climate to how you will spend your leisure time. Decide what needs to be done prior to your move, such as visa applications, and what needs to be done after you arrive, like finding a local doctor and grocery store.

Moving solo or with family

If you’re on your own, chances are you’ll want to make friends quickly. If you’re moving with a partner, they may be interested in job opportunities. Young families will have different requirements from those with teenagers.
Who you are moving with you has a major impact on where you go, what to look for, and what you’ll need from your new home.

Securing your finances

Financial matters raise some of the biggest concerns for people moving abroad. From opening and closing bank accounts, through to managing pensions to disparities in tax, these questions should be addressed as early as possible.

Develop a complete inventory

Take the time to understand the logistical and transport costs – from packing to airfares, and sea or air freight costs. You decide what’s going with you and what isn't. If you’re planning on coming back, you will need to make storage plans for the items you are not taking with you.

You should look to develop a complete inventory of all your possessions to make sure nothing is missed. 

A move with Crown is fully digital, and we are able to conduct Virtual Consultations without having to come to your home. Our trained consultant will video call you and itemize what you would like shipped, they will also be able to assess any fragile items that need additional protection as well as answer any of your questions.