New Country, New Culture, New School in Japan

When relocating, it's not just the children beginning their new chapter, the parents are too. Starting a new life brings with it lots of questions, and your children's education takes precedence.School

However, what happens when you have to think about finding the best schools for your children at affordable prices, in a completely unknown culture. Endless hours searching the internet for advice from parents, just like you!

In Japan, the school year is well under way, the children are settling-in, making friends and continuing their education - a dream for any parent, in any country.Those about to embark on their new life in Japan may feel lost in the world of research and need a help in hand to ensure their kids are in the dream situation in April 2015, when the next school year begins.

So, to help you begin, our Relocation Consultants with specialist knowledge from years of industry experience have written "Education Guide Japan 2014-2015", featuring information such as:

  • School options
  • Stages of schooling
  • Enrollment process

To read the Education Guide Japan 2014-2015, please click here.