The next Perspectives is here, insight into expatriate compensation

We are pleased to announce the release of Crown World Mobility’s next Perspectives white paper: "Who cares about expatriate compensation?" (Issue 3, 2014).

The Perspectives series is a reflection of Crown's in-depth knowledge and discusses topics such as trends, latest industry happenings and challenges. This insight is extremely helpful to those about to relocate or those working in the relocations industry.

One of the little-known facts about expatriate compensation is that being a specialist in the subject is a lot like being a forensic accountant – it involves fact-finding and digging deeper, and is a continual learning experience. Depending upon the number of payrolls, third party payments and accounts payables parties involved, it can be a very complex process. Don't think of it as simply collecting data, it should then be analyzed to ensure all relevant information has been captured. Having a global knowledge is key!

To read "World Mobility Perspectives: Who cares about expatriate compensation?" in PDF format, please click on this link.