Pilsen, European capital of culture 2015 and home of one of the best beer in the world

In January, the city of Pilsen will become European capital of culture with the aim of supporting European cultural cooperation. So this year could be an exceptional opportunity to discover this amazing city.

Plzen is the capital of the region Plzen (Czech Republic). The city is located at the confluence of four rivers: Uhlava, Úslava, Radbuza and Mze. The municipality is the 4th largest city in the Czech Republic (about 160,000 inhabitants).

Pilsen, European capital
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Plzen is a city with a very active cultural life. It has many museums and historic buildings. Thus, the main square and the streets nearby are a Gothic architectural center is classified as Historical Heritage reserves in the Czech Republic.

Plzen is particularly known to house the brewery that produces the famous Pilsener Urquell. Among the museums of Plzen, the beer museum is one of the oldest of its kind in the world. Besides beer, the local economy is also based on the iron and steel business.

Among the most important monuments in Pilsen are the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Gothic style), whose tower is the tallest in Europe, and the  Moorish Revival-style Great Synagogue, the third-largest in the world.

During the whole year, the city will host a lot  of events ( approximately 650 are planned) among them light shows, puppet shows, dance festivals and circus acts. Let´s visit Pilsen and all the Czech Republic!

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