Preparing for an international move from Nigeria

Thinking of moving overseas? If so, check out a few important things to consider before moving abroad from Nigeria.

Public healthcare

It’s important to check what health services are available to you in the new country. In most cases you’ll have to register with the national authorities to have access to the health services. Once you are registered to work and make National Insurance contributions, you’ll be entitled to state-run healthcare insurance.

Property Taxes

When buying a new home in your new location, the cost of tax and legal fees can often add 6-10 per cent to the purchase price. There are also ongoing taxes which vary depending on the region. It’s a good idea to research the rates that apply in your new destination before buying.

Foreign Exchange

Not only will you need to change a lump sum into your new local currency, but you may need to transfer money regularly between the two countries, perhaps for education fees or a pension. Foreign currency brokers charge lower fees and offer better exchange rates than using your local bank.

Living costs

Look in to the living costs before deciding which country to settle in. Although property prices overseas can be cheaper than in Turkey, day-to-day living may be the same or more expensive. Check also the cost of food, commodities and petrol.

Keeping in contact

If you wish to travel back to Turkey  occasionally and would like family and friends to visit you, look at the cost of flights in advance to save money and also it might worth consider how close you are to an airport. 

Inheritance rules

If you are putting most of your savings into a property abroad, check the inheritance laws. Consult an international solicitor to make sure you can leave your assets to your family as you wish.