Preparing to relocate from Nigeria

Relocating abroad can be the most exciting adventure of your life, but it can also be extremely stressful. Trying to adapt to your new country and to your new way of life and leaving the old one behind can be difficult.

Here are some tips for getting organised that will allow you to have a smooth relocation:

Study the language
Enrol in a beginners course in the language prior to relocating. Although you will need time to speak fluently, it will help you to navigate daily tasks like shopping, dealing with suppliers or eating in a restaurant. Once you have moved you will have many opportunities to build on your language skills. Knowing the language will help you with the transition.

Healthcare system
The system might be different in your new country. Be aware of your new system and procedures before leaving. It could be necessary to hire temporary insurance cover until you are completely registered in the healthcare system in your new home. In the case that you become unwell and need medical attention this will prevent an unnecessary and expensive bill.

Financial arrangements
Be aware on which tax rates will be applicable to you in your new contract abroad. Also don’t forget to take in to account exchange rates and any financial implications of moving abroad. If necessary enlist the help of an advisor who can give you expert guidance and tips for saving money.

Inform that you are leaving
Don’t forget to announce important organisations that you are leaving the country. Notify your bank, credit card companies, health insurance and your utility providers. Organise a dead line for all final bills to be paid and organise for your mail to be re-directed to your new address.

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