Relocating Down Under: Top Tips for a stress-free move

Australia and New Zealand top the wish list for millions of people considering relocating to sunnier climes. Once you have taken the decision to great ocean roadrelocate Down Under it’s a good idea to see to a few practicalities to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. So, before you pack your suitcase, take a moment to read through some of the most common questions our customers ask.

1.    Can I pack myself?
It’s generally advisable to ask your relocations company to oversee the packing. Good providers will take the headache of negotiating customs away from you and will know exactly how items should be packed, and what you can and cannot take into the country. This will help avoid any delays and ensure your belongings reach you safely and securely.  

2.    What are the transit times?
This varies according to destination but you should allow between 11-14 weeks to Australia and 10 -13 to New Zealand. We prefer to build in some leeway in case of any unexpected delays – it’s much better that your belongings reach their new home a little earlier rather than later.


3.    How will I be covered?
You can choose to take out your own specialist policy from an insurance broker Alternatively, your relocations provider may have their own insurance. A Crown Relocations we offer our own insurance policy which covers loss, damage and breakages.  We find our customers prefer the peace of mind this provides since any claim can be dealt with via one of our offices in your new location; our local settlement also means claims can be settled within 30 days, without any third party involvement.

4.    Can I take my pets?
Yes, it’s absolutely fine to take your pets with you. We work closely with a number of reputable pet transport companies to ensure your pets are moved safely and comfortably. Our partners operate daily flights to destinations across the globe and have expertise in customs, registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations.

5.    Can I take my car?
Yes, it’s permitted to take cars into Australia and New Zealand. At Crown Relocations we can ship your car in its own container or in a container with other personal effects/household goods. In both cases your vehicle will be transported safely and securely and a car condition report will be made before shipping and at destination.