Relocating from Nigeria with pets

Are you planning an international move from Nigeria with your pets? If so, you may want to make sure they get settled in their new home.

As well as planning your move, coordinating your family/children and taking care of the many tasks that are part of the process of moving - you will need to make arrangements for your dog or your cat.

The first step will be to find out, if your pet is eligible to travel to the new location. All of this information will be available on the governmental web site page of your new international moving destination.

After that, you will need to consult your veterinary so they can arrange for any necessary vaccinations, medical cheeks, paperwork and micro-chipping prior to the move.

Once you have clearance from your veterinary and destination of origin, you can then start getting your pet used to the idea of change.

Here are a few top tips to make sure that your pets move with everything they need and that they are able to settle in to the new location.

Container training

Train your dog to get used to the container they will be travelling in by encouraging them to sleep in it a few months before the move. Place their food and treats inside the crate as well to help them develop a positive association with the space. By the time you are ready to move it will feel like a familiar environment for them and they are more likely to have a comfortable journey.

Settling in

It’s important to help your pet adjust to their new surroundings. The best way to get them settled is to give them a structured routine in the new home. Sticking to regular feeding times, walks and treats for good behavior will help them get settled in quickly.