Thinking of relocating in Australia? Check out the key facts of the main cities

Australia is one of the favorite destination for expats every year. The main reasons for moving here are sunny weather, beautiful landscape and a peaceful way of life. If you want to do a big move, here you have some basic information of the best cities to live in Australia. Thinking of relocating in Australia? Check out the key facts of the main cities

Sydney, a prosperous city
Sydney is a friendly city, the home of the world’s most famous harbor and Bondi beach. It has big shopping malls, out-door markets and sophisticated down-town areas. Luxury restaurants, bars and boutiques make it one of the best cities to discover. The city has also a growing arts and cultural scenario.
The hottest months in Sydney are during the summer (from November to February) where temperatures can increase to 40°C. Winters are quite mild reaching minimums of 6°C at night.

Canberra, Australia’s capital city
It is the capital but it is one of the smallest cities in the continent with a population around 373,000 people. However, it’s a famous city for visitors and expats. Canberra is a highly strategic city and has a wide public transport network, including an interstate service that connects to other main cities and towns. The capital is the home to Australia’s parliament so in consequence, many of its citizens are public employees working for the government. But there is also a wealthy private sector with lots of business people and entrepreneurs from around the world.
The University of Canberra and Australian National University, ranked as one of the top 20 universities in the world, offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate awards in arts, business, engineering, legal studies among others.

Melbourne, country’s sporting and cultural capital 
It is the second-largest city in Australia and besides being the country’s sporting and cultural capital, it is also where some of the best dining restaurants and nightlife places are.
The city center is designed around a very structured system and is usually easy to navigate. It also has a large public transport system, quick and simple.
Job opportunities are quite reasonable for expats here. The main sectors include the automotive industry, aeronautics, construction, education, engineering, nursing, financial services, and information and communications IT.

Brisbane, the third-largest city with warm temperatures
Despite being a main urban hub it has a relaxing atmosphere that attracts to families and young people also. The price of the properties near the city center is quite reasonable and suburbs are usually very family-friendly.
The city is popular with people of all ages, numerous cultural attractions, places to visit and some of the best beaches in the world. The main job opportunities are in the aviation, technology, infrastructure and building, healthcare and nursing sector as well as communication and advertising industries.