Tips for packing for an international relocation from Czech Republic

When considering an international move, there are two main ways to move your household goods: by air and by sea. Tips for packing for an international relocation from Czech Republic

Moving your household goods by sea
It will take longer for your household goods to arrive if you choose to ship them, however this option is usually cheaper and is usually the best option.
If you chose to move them by sea, your household goods will be packed into big containers. The containers are seaworthy and are usually made of wood.
Once the containers arrive to your new country, they are unloaded and must pass through customs. Crown Relocation will be help you with the custom forms and are responsible for clearing your goods.

Moving your household goods by air
Moving your household goods by air is more expensive than shipping but it’s a popular means of moving goods as it’s more quick.
Heavy cardboard boxes are normally used to pack goods, although some air freight companies use containers.

Do a clear out
Reducing the amount of items you move with will help you to be more organised, it will make it easier to unpack and may also help to keep the cost of moving your items low.
You will find very helpful to organise a clear out a few months before moving. Throw away any unwanted, unused items and try to downsize on the number of things you will be moving with. Often we hold on to items we don’t need – if you have two of something throw one away and if you haven’t used an item for over a year then take it to charity or sell online it if it’s in good condition, you can also make some money.

Make a check list
Write a list of everything you are taking and the room where each item is places. Creating a check list will help you to quickly locate your items when unpacking.
Document everything you own by taking pictures, especially the items that need extra care and make a note of its approximate value and where it goes.