Tips for saving money in a relocation

A relocation has a lot of thing to take care of and it’s easy to overlook the actual costs
of moving. Whether you’re moving overseas or in the same country, follow these top tips can help you saving costs:

Check out for emerging area
Most big cities have popular, trendy areas, but how can you know if a neighbourhood is up-and-coming? Watching retail moves can be a good way to find out emerging neighbourhoods. To get in early is the key to save money.

Save money sharing accommodation
If you’re traveling alone, consider sharing an accommodation. The cost will be considerably lower than renting a whole place by your own. This could be a short-term solution while you save money.

Choose the best season
If you have a flexible schedule for moving, choose a time that is considered a better seasonal market
for finding accommodation in your new location, such as the end of the school year. This will help ensure you get more for less money.

Purchase second-hand
If you’re moving to a big city with a large, and effective expatriate community, you can often find furniture and appliances through expatriate-focused websites. Online communities will have sales when other expat families are moving and want to leave
behind fairly new items – a great way to fill your home for a fraction of the price

Find free activities
One of the first things you’ll want to do is explore. But checking out the area doesn’t have to mean paying for expensive tour guides and activities. There’ll be plenty of things to see and do without breaking the bank – such as visiting the local museum or hiring a bike. Forums are also a great way of
getting tips from other expats nearby – plus, they’ll often arrange meet-ups.

Think about your social life
You may think that living outside the city center will save you money, but consider where you plan to socialize and go out to meet new people. You may find yourself spending more on taxis home after a night out in the city with friends, so it might be worth to check for an accommodation near the city center.

Be aware of the local taxes
Before you move, talk to a local tax adviser with expatriates experience. Your actual tax consultant may not have experience of international tax implications  to make sure you won’t have a shock at the end of the tax year!

Use technology to save money
There are great ways to be in touch with your family and friends while you’re abroad, video calling with Skype and FaceTime,  messenger apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp, and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Research is vital
The more you get to know your new home, the more efficient you’ll become at managing everyday expenses. Don’t shop in the first supermarket and try to