Top tips for settling in from Saudi Arabia to a new country

If you are about to start a new life overseas, it’s important to think of how you are going to settle in. Adapting to the new life is not easy and  a lot of expats struggle to settle in because there’s a big difference between visiting a place for a few days and permanently living there. That’s why it’s very important to be ready and approach the relocation with calm an open mind.

Are you familiar with these tips to help you settling in?

Learning the language
It´s important to try to learn the language prior to the relocation, in case the language is different in your new country. If you already know the language try to practice with local people. A good idea could be learning about local topics such as the local sports will help you to have some background knowledge that can be used in daily conversations.

Finding a home
Finding the right home is one of the most important aspects to settling in. Make sure you find a house in a neighborhood that fits your budget and needs. Consider about living in a central area as close as possible to your work place if you commute long to work. If you have  a big family,  maybe living outside the center, in an location with more green space will be a good idea. You may need help of a local estate agent who knows the place and can help you choosing the best place for you..

Knowing the local food
Food can be a good method of breaking social barriers. Find out about the traditional dishes, try some of them and go out to restaurants and try to meet local people. Once you have some experience you could host your own welcome party with typical food.

Get ready as soon as possible!
As soon as you arrive to your new country, plan your basic utilities and paper work such as:  local bank account, driving license, health insurance, and local registrations. Try to unpack as soon as you, the faster you get ready the easier the transition will be.
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