Secure storage

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    We take care seriously at Crown

    Crown Relocations’ investment in transportation and storage facilities throughout the world provides the best possible protection for your belongings, wherever they are.
    If you need storage at origin or destination of your international move, we provide short and long term options.

    State of the art facilities

    Our crews will pick-up your personal belongings, carefully load them into specially designed containers, and deliver to one of our secure facilities.
    Crown owns and operates over 200 state-of-the-art warehouses across almost 60 countries. All are built to a high specification to guard against fire, pests, water and theft. Secure by design, our facilities are climate controlled and gated, they are also backed up with 24hr patrol staff.

    No one size fits all solutions

    Crown Relocations’ range of storage services are available for every eventuality:
    • If there’s a limit on the size of your shipment
    • If you need to vacate your home for a period before relocating
    • If you’re renting accommodation at your new destination before moving into a permanent home
    • If you’re letting your home while you are away, but don't want to leave it furnished
    • If you decide to go traveling before you reach your destination
    Whatever the reason, our storage services provide a professional and economical alternative to self-storage during your international relocation.