Get organized with our Christmas holiday checklist

'Tis the season to celebrate with your friends and family. If you are traveling back to your home country for Christmas this year, let’s get organized as we begin the countdown to Christmas Eve. We’ve put together a checklist to keep track of your to-do things before you jet off for your jolly holidays.  

Take cash and credit card
Find out the latest currency exchange rates in your host and country of origin, as it might be better for you to take cash and exchange when you arrive. Enable your card(s) for overseas use and understand your credit card(s) charges for foreign currency and overseas transactions.  

Ensure that your passport is still valid
Avoid heartbreak by doing this prior to the day before leaving.

Travel insurance, just in case
Getting caught out at this time of year would be a real frustration. 

Take care of your admin 
In case you are spending a long holiday in your home town, make sure you notify your bank and renew some important licenses before you take off.  


Consider mobile roaming charges
Which can be expensive if you haven’t made arrangement with your mobile phone provider before leaving the country.


Send Christmas presents
Buy your Christmas presents ahead of schedule so you can ship them overseas, or if you are carry them with your hand luggage, make sure you wrap them well.