How do you settle in your new home faster?

Destination services are one of the many factors that makes Crown Relocations unique.
Destination services are one of the many factors that makes Crown Relocations unique. These specialized services have been designed to help you feel comfortable in your new home as soon as possible after moving. 

Whether it be moving to a new state or moving overseas, our Moving Manager can assist you with everything you need. Our destination services include:

  • Orientation trips
  • School searches
  • Intercultural training
  • Language training

Orientation trips

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have an orientation of your new home town before moving? We have designed a program that does exactly that and more. Our preview and orientation trips are tailored to meet your needs and interests, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding housing, education, communities and lifestyle preferences. Our consultants will create a complete tailor-made preview trip. Each one a positive, in-depth introduction to any new location; addressing all specific concerns, ensuring the visit is effective and objective. Find out more about our Orientation Trips here.

Finding a local school

One of the most complex choices of moving may be finding a local school for your kids. This choice can become increasingly difficult if the school is overseas and speaks a language that is still somewhat foreign to you. That is why we have developed a school search service in which we help you locate the best schools in the area you’ll be moving to. Find out more about our School Search Service here.

Intercultural training

If you’re moving overseas to a country you’ve never lived in prior, there is no doubt that one of your greatest concerns is the transition to the new culture. Culture shock is experienced by many international movers and as so, we have decided to create a solution. Our Intercultural Training has been designed to teach you the many aspects of the new culture you will be moving into. You’ll learn about the people, traditions and more in this one-on-one training which will ultimately allow you to settle into your new home easily. Learn more about our Intercultural Training here. 

Language training 

Language is another major factor when moving internationally. Many countries speak English in addition to their native language, which is an advantage for English speakers moving overseas. However, some countries are still very difficult to navigate without the native language and speaking the language will no doubt allow you to settle in faster. With our Language Training, you’ll be making friends and talking to your neighbours soon after moving in, so you can really feel at home. See more on Language Training here.

With all the services listed above and so many other essential services, Crown Relocations takes the hassle out of moving home. We know that the idea of moving can be overwhelming and stressful, so with our experienced team, we are dedicated to making all relocations stress-free and enjoyable for all. 

If you need a relocations team that is on your side and with you every step of the way, contact Crown Relocations on +81 3 5447 2301.