Why fried chicken became a Christmas tradition in Japan?

Christmas is all about festive fun and of course, a delicious festive feast! If you are spending your Christmas here in Japan, you may find a little bit challenging to get hold of a traditional turkey dinner. Japanese diners have made Kentucky fried chicken their Christmas Day meal of choice. Relax, you will find the quirkiest dining option here in Japan.

When turkey was impossible to find in Japan back in 1970s, an American expat went into one of the fast-food chains - KFC to opt for fried chicken because he couldn’t find turkey on Christmas day. KFC came up with a very successful campaign called ‘Kentucky for Christmas’. Since the campaign launched in Japan in 1974, KFC has become the only country in which KFC offers set meals on Christmas Eve.  

Many families in Japan pre-order the Christmas Party Barrels three months in advance. Don’t be surprise if you see thousands of people queuing outside KFC for some fried chicken on Christmas Eve. Indeed this could be one of the best places to celebrate Christmas.