Visa Immigration Service Malaysia

From our years of experience we know just how much time and effort goes into securing the correct visas for an international move. Our immigration services are there for customers who would like support with this vital step in the moving process. We offer personalised advice from our network of immigration specialists. Giving you peace of mind to focus on settling in and letting us take care of the rest.

Immigration Consultation Service

Immigration rules change all the time and it can be a mind field for even the most seasoned of movers. For a one off fee our immigration specialists will discuss your eligibility with you. Saving you time and reducing your risk spending money on applications that have a high degree of being rejected. 

How Our Visa and Immigration Services Works

1. Book service
Submit your details and we’ll send you the payment options
2. Pre-assessment
Complete our Crown immigration pre-assessment form and send back two working days before your call
3. Consultation
We will advise you on the feasibility of your case and recommend your viable options
4. Follow up
You will receive a summary of your call

Full immigration management

With our full immigration management service we will take on all the complex tasks: processing entry visas; assisting with documentation for work and residence permits, including apostilles, legalizations and translations; and completing and submitting layers of immigration. Our team of Crown professionals, experts in the local bureaucratic requirements, accelerate and simplify the process for you.

Our visa and immigration services

Online guide

Complimentary immigration guide

Immigration consultation

Discuss your visa eligibility with our Immigration specialists for a one off payment 

Full immigration management

Based on a bespoke quote to fit your requirements our immigration team will manage the delivery of your visa documentation. 

Meet Our Immigration Consultant Team

Andrea Fascetti

Global Director Immigration Services

Roberta Carnaccini

Global Operations Director – Immigration

Why use our visa and immigration services?

16 years in the immigration industry
In-house services in 12 countries
Global service partner network
Coordination with Service Partners in 120+ countries

Personalised advice from an immigration consultant in Malaysia 

Relocating to another country from Malaysia can be daunting because of the many processes involved and you may not know where to begin. Hence, your best bet is to engage experts such as Crown Relocations to help you as we have immigration consultants that also assist with obtaining a visa service in Malaysia. 

We understand the many hassles you may encounter when it comes to relocating including deciding the type of visa required, as well as the designated rules and regulations that must be followed in every country to ensure your approval. 

As an immigration consultant in Malaysia, we are here to help you through understanding your timeline, while customising and personalising consultations on a case-by-case basis, as well as walk you through the dos and don'ts when it comes to moving to your new destination. 

What to consider when looking for visa immigration service in Malaysia 

Looking for an immigration consultant in Malaysia? Crown Relocations definitely fits that mould as an immigration service in Malaysia that is trusted, professional, transparent, and honest. We have years of experience in relocating happy customers of ours who have settled easily within their new location, worry-free.  

Applying for a visa is exclusive to your destination country as there are different rules and regulations to abide by depending on your destination. We have immigration consultants at the ready to assist you with every need, including processing these visa requirements with our visa service in Malaysia. 

With our immigration consultants, we have experts within nearly 60 countries who understand the entire process to ensure your move, especially the paperwork, is carried out as smoothly as possible. 

Truly experts as immigration consultants to help you move easier 

What does an immigration consultant do? An immigration consultant is someone that assists in relocating people from one country to another. This immigration consultant is an expert in all legal and documentation processes to ensure you are able to move for the purpose of education, work, business, or even travel. 

Engaging an immigration service in Malaysia is important as you should expect that moving to another country will require large amounts of paperwork to ensure you can live there legally. Crown Relocations are experts in this as our immigration consultant, and visa service in Malaysia are customised to fit your needs, as well as accelerate the process of your move, and avoid any unwanted visa rejections. 

We will handle everything for you, including the nitty gritty tasks of entry visas, right up to the submission of multiple paperwork to the respective immigration departments. 

We are more than just immigration consultants 

With Crown Relocations, we have services for everything required when uprooting from one country to another. Our services make sure that we are the best immigration service in Malaysia as have services that cover everything from start to finish, including searching for a home in your destination country, immigration services, school search for your kids, transit protection, destination settling-in, intercultural training, language training, pet relocation services, and of course, secure storage for all your items. 

Additionally, we also provide preview trips, which are an introduction to your new destination in regard to all the factors you need to stay there. So check out our wide range of relocation services now!