Our list of services

International Moving Service Malaysia
From door to door, we’re with you all the way. We take care of all the packing, handling, transporting and storing of your personal belongings to the highest safety standards
Local Moving
Reliable local house moving service to help you transition smoothly to your new space. Professional movers with expertise in handling your belongings safely and efficiently.
Shared container service Malaysia
Save money on smaller shipments
Secure storage
If you need storage at any point during your move, we provide, highly secure, best in class short- or long-term storage solutions. With us, you can be confident your goods are in safe hands.
Employment Pass Visa Services in Malaysia
We offer personalised advice from our network of immigration specialists.
Corporate Relocation Management Services Malaysia
Discover Crown Relocations' seamless corporate relocation expertise. As a leading provider, we specialize in comprehensive employee relocation services, addressing logistics and employee well-being.
Home Search
Finding the right home is a critical part of making your relocation a success. With our home search service options, we’ll impartially explain the options available to you.
Preview and Orientation Trips
A preview trip ahead of your relocation gives you a full orientation of your new location: areas to live, transportation , schooling, healthcare and security. There's a big difference between visiting a place and living there.
School Search
Changing schools can have a big impact on a child’s development. We provide local advice on schooling for every age, including day care and pre-schools.
Settle-in Relocation Services
On arrival, we offer a range of settling-in services to help make your house a 'home' and allow you to start life in your new location.
Temporary Accommodation
Crown's temporary accommodation can support you when you are searching for a short-term lease for your employees overseas that meets the budget and lifestyle requirements of your assignees.
Tenancy Management
Asking employees to manage their own tenancy in a foreign country adds an unnecessary barrier to a successful assignment. Our tenancy management service will reduce the burdens that come with it.
Language training
To help get you truly settled, we offer a range of language courses, both in groups and one-to-one, specifically tailored to the ability and needs of you and your family.
Pet Relocation Service
Your pets have specific needs, just like you do. Our pet relocation services treat your pet like a member of your family, making things comfortable for them and simple for you.
Transit protection
Our CrownCare transit protection for your shipment puts you in control of insurance. It is also managed by expert Crown staff, making the process significantly simpler