Halloween around the world

Traditionally associated with the Christian tradition, All Hallows’ Eve is the night before All Soul’s Day, a chance to remember those who have passed away.

Crown employees across the globe share traditions around this spooky holiday

Traditionally associated with the Christian tradition, All Hallows’ Eve is the night before All Soul’s Day, a chance to remember those who have passed away. Now, Halloween is almost every kid’s favourite time of the year. We tend to associate it with spooky costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and candy heaven. For the young at heart, it’s just another excuse for a fancy dress party.
Not every culture celebrates Halloween in the same way. We asked Crown employees around the world to share how they mark October 31.

“In Mexico, Halloween is known as the Day of the Dead. Locals would remember their beloved ones that passed away by offering them food and drinks in a special place called Ofrenda. Others visit cemeteries with their families.”

-Theresa, Mexico City, Mexico

“Day of the Dead… it’s a beautiful tradition here in Mexico.”

-Miroslaba, Mexico City, Mexico

“In Mexico, we celebrate Halloween in the American fashion but with the Mexican spice to it. No trick-or-treat, but Calaverita. However Dia de Muertos is still a big day. Families prepare offerings like fresh fruits, drinks such as tequila, mescal, mole, Dulce de Calabaza, candles and colored papel picado. Spirits come at night for the offerings. We also have separate days for the grownups and the children who have passed.”

-Aurea, Mexico City, Mexico

“In New Zealand, we follow American traditions, but on a New Zealand scale. It’s not crazy but the little kids still dress up and go round the neighbourhood trick-or-treating. The big kids throw fancy dress parties.”

-Max, Auckland, New Zealand

“In Poland, there is no such thing as Halloween. But these days we adopt the Western Halloween celebration more and more. The next two days are more important to us- All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Most people travel and meet at graves, and pray for those who have crossed the bridge. It is a serious celebration, in contrast to the Western tradition. Cemeteries are breath-taking at night, lit by thousands of candles and surrounded by flowers. Such a magical ambiance.”

-Judy, Poland

“Halloween has never really been celebrated here in Singapore. But recently, loads of families and friends of all ages have paid a visit into USS. The theme park has been decorated for Halloween, and there are staff dressed as realistic ghosts and other horror characters who we can snap some selfies with.”

-Naylie, Singapore

“Halloween in South Africa is slowly gaining momentum, and fancy dress parties are popping up everywhere during this time. In Mzansi, the art or trick-or-treating is slowly growing, along with the tradition of finding ghastly and bone-chilling things to do on Halloween. So whoever started it, maybe even aliens, Halloween is just another reason to throw a jol… in a costume!”

-Funi, Johannesburg, South Africa

“In my Irish family, we share barmbrack (really fruity cake) with objects baked into it for Halloween. Finding the object, as long as you don’t break your teeth from biting into it, is really good luck. I once found one of two rings in my barmbrack and it meant I was getting married to whoever had the other ring. Unfortunately it was our priest.”

-Mary, London, U.K.

“Even for the big kids here in the U.S., it’s all about costumes and being silly for a day! That means fancy dress day in the office, then home to dress the kids for trick-or-treating. Ooh, and candy!”

-Erika, Los Angeles, U.S.

“Pumpkin carving, dressing up for trick-or-treating, and going to as many Fall Festivals as I possibly can. Good fun in Houston.”

-Sierra, Houston, U.S.

“Candy, candy and more candy! The kids get candy, and the parents eat it.”

-Paula, Connecticut, U.S.

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