Living in the UK: Top five places to visit

The UK is a fantastic country to live in, with many places to explore and things to experience. We’ve put together our list of the top five places we believe are well worth a visit when living in the UK. Hoping it helps you understand what makes the UK so unique and full of history.

London city life

London is the capital city of the UK and the place that people often are moving to the UK for. It’s at the heart of the country, rich in historic events and home to the British royal family. There are also a lot of job opportunities for those looking to move and continue working. As well as a great transportation system that can get you from one side of the city to the other in under an hour.

What to get out of London:

  • Pubs and bars
  • London’s transport
  • Theatres, music venues, art, museums and palaces
  • Street food and markets

Did you know? In 2018, London’s population averaged 8.85 million. By July 2019 the population will reach 8.95 million. This increase is partly due to immigrant moves and people moving to the UK from various parts of the world. Showing that London is a true international metropolitan city.

By the sea in Cornwall

Cornwall is known for its sandy beaches and picturesque scenes. If you are looking for outdoor activities it really is the place to be. Cornwall is also notorious for its food such as; Cornish pasties, clotted cream, ice-cream and fudge. So you’ll be sure to leave stuffed and fulfilled after a great day at the beach!

What to get out of Cornwall:

  • Outdoor activities – surfing, beaches and coastlines
  • Fishing and harbours
  • Outdoor theatres and museums
  • Picturesque scenery

Did you know? In 2015, Cornwall’s population averaged 549,400 people.

Celtic culture in Wales

Wales is full of medieval history and home to many great views for you to enjoy. If you love the Celtic culture, history and outdoor activities Wales is the place for you. One of the main attractions for many people is Snowdonia which is a national park in North West Wales with the highest peaks in the UK outside Scotland. So if you are a keen photographer or a hiker you will be in your element exploring the area and taking in all the views.

If you are planning on living in the UK with the aim of living in Wales, perhaps you’ll consider taking lessons in Welsh.

What to get out of Wales:

  • Gothic castles and historic sites
  • Outdoor activities – hiking
  • Mountains, coastlines and lakes
  • Picturesque scenery and views

Did you know? In 2018, the Wales population averaged 3.2 million people, the growth rate rose 0.57% since 2015.

History filled Bath

Set in the countryside, Bath is a town in the southwest of England. when you are living in the UK, Bath should definitely be on your list of places to visit. The town is full of 18th century Georgian architecture and well preserved Roman baths that were once used for public bathing (a very long time ago!). It’s rich roots in history led to Bath being named a World Heritage site in 1987. While you’re visiting Bath be sure to visit the iconic Stonehenge, situated nearby.

What to get out of Bath:

  • Museums, Roman baths and temples
  • Architecture and picturesque views
  • Landscape gardens
  • Theatres

Did you know? Bath is a historical Roman site, named after a local goddess.

Sandy shores at Margate

Wherever you are planning on living in the UK a visit to the seaside will be a must when you arrive. Margate is one of our favourites. Margate is a town known for its sandy beaches, piers and the traditional British Fish and Chips. It also has some great places to visit, such as the Shell Grotto. This is an ornate passageway filled entirely with mosaics made of shells.

What to get out of Margate:

  • Historic events and museums
  • Beaches and the pier to have food (fish and chips)
  • Vintage amusement park
  • Art & exhibitions

Did you know? Margate has been a leading seaside resort for at least 250 years.

Of course, these are only a few of the great places worth a visit when living in the UK. Have a look at our UK destination guides for more inspiration.