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    Balancing act—supporting each other makes a big move work better

    Whether one of you is moving overseas for work, or you’ve both just decided to try living in a new country, couples without children generally have a great deal of flexibility about their choices. If your partner’s new job dictates where you will live, together you can research neighborhoods and homes that fit your lifestyle, including dining, shopping, entertainment and cultural options. Ask us for information and resources to help you learn more about your choices.

    When one is working and the other is not, it can be important during the first few months for couples to support each other and act as a team. It’s not unusual for one partner to get caught up in the demands and relationships of a new job, while the other has a less structured environment and may find it more challenging to meet new people and adjust to life in a new destination. With any big move, couples must be ready to face a roller-coaster of emotions.

    If one or both of you will be looking for work, begin by researching where the job opportunities seem most promising in your desired area. The Internet offers a wealth of information about finding jobs in new cities; many sites also list international job openings. If you’re relocating internationally, remember that your ability to find employment in another country may be dependent on your visa status, so make sure you’re aware of your options.

    Planning to start a family within the next few years? Consider child care, medical care and possibly even schools for your future children.