Essential things to think about before moving abroad

Moving overseas can be a frightening experience. From applying for a visa to finding the perfect apartment at destination, from packing-in your possessions to finding the right schooling options for your children, there are a lot of things that demand your attention and time.

In addition to these worries - settling-in at the new location can also be quite difficult! The language obstacles, the cultural differences and the outlook of starting all over again is an experience quite deeply felt by anyone who is planning to move abroad. But by choosing the right moving company, you can make sure that your relocation goes as smooth as possible.

We’ve highlighted four important considerations before moving overseas

Things to know before packing

For safety reasons, some countries no longer accept shipments that are packed by the owner. Furthermore, any harm suffered to belongings you pack yourself may not be covered under transit insurance. It is therefore advisable to hire a moving company to pack all of your household items and personal items.

But, before packing your items, you’ll need to keep some things like appliances, electronics, medications and important documents at the forefront of your mind.

  • Important papers and documents – Make sure that you don’t lose any important documents during the move. Make sure that documents like medical records, school records, passports, visa, driver’s licenses, emergency numbers and health insurance cards are kept safe in separate personal bags.
  • Electronics and appliances –Check if your electronics are dual voltage and compatible with the appropriate foreign outlet, if not, do not bother packing them. You may have to consider purchasing the bigger appliances all over again.
  • Medications – Finding a quality doctor may take time in a new location.  It is better to plan ahead and bring a few months’ worth of necessary medications to get through the first months.

Language is the key to a new culture

It can be difficult to adapt to what may be a very different culture and environment than what you're used to. Especially when you don't speak the local language of your destination country. Improving your language skills will give you the confidence in both business and social situations.

Find your way

Navigation apps like Google Maps have made finding routes quite easy and it is a boon to a person new to a city. Not only it helps you find the way to your destination, it also obviates the need to talk in local language should you find it difficult in your first days to ask your way out. But nothing will eliminate the effort one needs to make to read up on both common transportation methods and important landmarks in your new city, so that you don’t end up lost or stranded.

It is strongly recommended that you do a good research on your city’s public transportation to find out about the subway system, bus routes, bike rental and ridesharing services, such as taxis or Uber. If you are interested in driving a car you should search on the need of having an International Driving Permit in the new country.

Safely store your belongings

When moving overseas, you may leave behind furniture which you might no longer need or because you want a new décor at your new home. In any case you will have to find out what to do with your items before the move. You can either sell it or donate them. But if your move is for a short term and if you’re planning to move back eventually, it is wiser to store your items in secured storage facilities.

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