Which countries are the best ones for expats?

Singapore, Norway and New Zealand are the top three countries for expats according to the latest HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey.

As expats, we always want to make the most of our time abroad.  From work-life balance to easiness to make friends, there are plenty of elements to take into account before embarking on an international move and there is nobody better than an expat to explain how it is like to live in a certain place.

The latest Expat Explorer Survey has captured 27 of these elements and ranked world countries according to expats views on these key elements. What are current foreigners opinions about your future? Let’s discover the best worldwide destinations for expats!

1. Singapore 

Better job prospects, life quality and more earning that in their home country are the top reasons for expats to relocate to Singapore. The country’s strong economy, high safety, and good educational institutions just make it easier for expats to stay in the country. However, notice that being a strong economy has its handicaps: expat life is not cheap! This is something you should consider at the time of negotiating your expat salary! 

2. Norway 

Described as “ideal for people at the family stage of their life”, Norway combines a  good economic situation with an excellent expat experience. It’s not only the first country in the survey in work/life balance and job security but also in healthcare and quality of life. Of course, if you don’t like freezing temperatures, you might have to think twice before taking a non-return flight there. But remember: indoors you will not even know if it is summer or winter!

3. New Zealand

If you have a can-do-it attitude and you are not afraid of leaving the old Europe, then New Zealand is your ideal choice. Ideal for entrepreneurs, New Zealand is a welcoming country, where integration into the local culture is easy. In fact, a lot of expats are happily surprised by the easiness to become friends with the “kiwis” and the high tolerance they have towards other cultures.