Innovation and flexibility make for an interesting pairing when it comes to the moving experience. Managing every detail is as important as having constant flexibility when things don’t go to plan or facing an unusual circumstance.


Last month, Crown Relocations Cambodia took the step of flexibility for a client that made an initial enquiry about moving from Cambodia to Dubai for a full relocation service. During the pre-move evaluation, our consultant realised there was a very limited access area available to move a 52cbm container worth of household goods. They were also informed that they could only carry out the move from 9pm-5am.


With the short and unusual time window given and the limitation of moving space, the movers have to adapt in order to execute the move efficiently, without causing much disruption. Our team in Crown Relocations Cambodia rose to the challenge and came out with an innovative solution to give our customer a simple and seamless relocation experience. 
After our expert packing team carefully fragile-wrap all the items ensuring that they are completely protected, they utilized a crane to transfer the load from the top floor to the ground floor overnight.

Through a thoughtful, precise and agile approach, our team in Crown Relocations Cambodia was able to execute this move seamlessly and successfully 
We understand every move is unique, that's why we are committed to being with you all the way and making relocating simpler 
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