Relocating with your partner: tips on settling in

Your partner and you have decided to relocate to a foreign country. The idea of moving to a new country, a new job and a whole new environment can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. The actual relocation, arrival and adaptation to your new country could bring about the post-emigration blues as family, friends and a familiar lifestyle are left behind. Below are a few useful tips to overcome the struggles of relocation.

Keep busy in the new place

An idle mind is the devil’s playground so sitting at home all day waiting for your partner to come home would leave you purposeless and bored. There are hobbies you could seek out which would help you meet new people and socialise. Other possibilities of keeping yourself occupied would be finding a job. Or, if there are permit and visa restrictions, you could consider volunteering for a good cause.

Familiarise with the unfamiliar

It would be wise to be aware of all the local customs and taboos before making your move. To ease your mind, do adequate research as you can never be too prepared! For example, China has restrictions on social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. However, they do have local platforms available such as WeChat, QQ, Youku and so on.

The world is rich with diverse cultures. Asians moving to a Western country, and vice versa, should be open to embracing the difference in lifestyle and cultural norms. Sufficient read up could avoid a bout of culture shock!

Remind yourself that relocating is a joint decision

Even though you may be relocating based on your partner's job necessities, the decision to relocate is most likely mutual. Pay no mind to the 'trailing spouse' stereotype and instead, bear in mind that without your agreement, your partner probably wouldn't agree to the job relocation either.

It is important to note that every individual's situation is different as there are a multitude of factors affecting the overall relocation. Give yourself time to readjust and get back on your feet as it can be overwhelming initially. Feel blessed for the opportunity to explore another part of the world and enjoy your new life abroad.

If you are relocating with your partner and need further assistance, get in touch with us.