Macau Visas & Permits

As a foreign resident, what is my status in your country?
Most foreigners enter Macau under a visitor status. Over 70 nationalities can enjoy visa-free entry to Macau with duration of stay from 14 to 90 days, depending on the nationality of the passport.

Note that visitors from mainland China are required to secure a relevant Exit Endorsement on their Exit Entry Permit from the Public Security Bureau in China prior to entering Macau.
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What kinds of visas are available?
Expats can apply for a visa as a professional or non-professional non-resident worker. It is called "Special Authorization to Stay" for Non-resident workers.
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What is required to obtain these visas?
The first step is to secure the proper permission from the Macao government’s Human Resources Department. This may include the local recruitment process at the Labor Affairs' department. After permission from the Human Resources Department is secured, the applicant will need to enter Macau to complete the work permit formalities in person at the Immigration Department. Once completed, a Non-resident Worker's Card is issued. The whole process can take up to five months or longer.
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Are spouses permitted and/or likely to find work?
Spouses are not permitted to work in Macau.
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What are the main forms of identification and how does a newcomer obtain them?
The main form of identification in Macau is the Macau Identity Card, which is only granted to Macau residents

Those who have secured the proper immigration permission to work in Macau can apply for a Non-resident Worker's Identification Card. This is obtained from the Non-resident Workers’ Subdivision of the Immigration Department.
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Are there any other important permits I must obtain, or places where I must register right away?
Passport is the valid form of documentations for visitors. The Non-resident Worker's Identification Card is the valid form of identification for foreigners with work permission in Macau.
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What items should I avoid bringing into the country?
Do not bring items normally considered to be contraband for example:

  • Illegal drugs of all kinds, such as opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and other narcotic analgesics or hallucinogenic drugs
  • Antibiotics such as penicillin, tetracycline, corticosteroid
  • Controlled chemicals such as acetic anhydride, ephedrine
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Strategic commodities
  • Rough diamonds

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Is there anything else I should know about entering and remaining in the country legally?
Please talk to your Crown Consultant if you have any concerns or questions.
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Crown Relocations has made every effort to present accurate information. However, regulations, rates and other variables are subject to change and Crown Relocations cannot accept responsibility for the errors that might result. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your local Crown representative.