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    Moving within boundaries
    Carefully wrapped, safely stowed
    CrownCare transit protection

    Door-to-door relocations

    Our unique global infrastructure of local offices, vehicles and crew, makes for a more consistent service and tighter control of costs.

    Moving within boundaries

    Our investment in moving—unique in the relocations business—enables us to use Crown crews and vehicles wherever possible. It also makes it possible to keep supply chain costs lower, and control quality better.

    The majority of moves are sponsored by employers and consequently subject to a mobility policy. We work to ensure that every move is optimized to meet your policy goals and budgets.

    Each move is coordinated by a single Crown ‘move manager’ who advises, supports and updates your assignee at every step. And all shipments are managed in our global tracking  system to ensure that everyone knows the relocation status, including your employees.

    Carefully wrapped, safely stowed

    With knowledge of your relocation policy and using RITA, our in-house iPad app, we create detailed inventories. We calculate volume and weight, and note items that require special care or instructions which will be passed to the packing team for moving day. The app updates the assignee’s relocation file via secure connection to our operating system in real-time.

    Every move starts with an in-home consultation

    We take care seriously at Crown. 

    Crown takes particular responsibility for the safety of your employees’ belongings in transit or storage. Our teams are highly trained in the art of handling objects with care and sensitivity, as well as the science of safe packing and loading.

    We always use high quality packing materials and every package has a unique color coded identity, helping us place items efficiently at the new location—simplifying communication and reducing stress for your employees.

    Crown’s reputation for careful packing, protection and shipping is reflected in our consistent customer satisfaction scores. The care we display for your employee’s belongings is matched by the respect our teams show for our customers' homes. And when they arrive in their new homes, we can provide maid and handyman services to make sure everything is perfect.

    Crown’s investment in transportation and storage facilities throughout the world provides the best possible protection for your employees’ belongings, wherever they are.

    All our facilities are built to a high specification to guard against fire, pests, water and theft. Many facilities are purpose-built by Crown and secure by design.

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    CrownCare transit protection

    Our all-inclusive CrownCare transit cover has been developed to give you and your assignees peace of mind.

    Our coverage is fully comprehensive and the broadest available in the relocation industry, with either full lump sum cover or detailed valuations, which includes many options not generally included in other transit policies.

    In the unfortunate event of a claim, settlement is coordinated by a CrownCare adviser in the host country, as we know that restoring and replacing damaged items quickly helps the family move on to more important things like getting settled.

    Protecting your property while on assignment

    We also provide comprehensive personal property cover worldwide. We offer replacement cover for home contents from their arrival in the host country.

    Cover for the home you leave behind

    For your assignee's complete peace of mind, we will provide insurance cover for the home they leave behind. Cover is available for homes left vacant, or if tenanted, for the duration of an assignment.

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