Christmas 2018: Tips for returning home this festive season

traveling home this christmas tips

Are you ready to travel back to your home country to celebrate with your family and close friends this Christmas? We know there are lots of to-dos things to take care of, so we’ve rounded up our tips for you to plan your Christmas trip from South Korea back home.

Check your finance

Review the exchange rates in your host and home country, as it might be better for you to take cash and exchange when you arrive. Do you need to apply for a new credit card to use in a different country? Make sure you let your bank know you’ll be spending in another country.

Ensure that your passport is still valid

Avoid heartbreak by doing this prior to the day before leaving.

Book your travel insurance

Getting caught out at this time of year would be a real frustration.

Take care of your admin

Do you need to close a bank account or renew your driving license in case you are not returning to your home country for a long time?

Consider mobile roaming charges

Which can be expensive if you haven’t made arrangement with your mobile phone provider before leaving the country. 

Bring your camera or smart phone

Capture those magical moments.

Send Christmas gifts

Before you go or don’t wrap them if you are going to carry them with your hand luggage. Or simply purchase some suitcase-friendly gift.