Getting to know our team: Christelle Blanchouin

We spoke to our Sales Consultant, Christelle Blanchouin about her experience working for Crown Relocations and her top tips to help you plan your next international move.   

How long have you been working for Crown Relocations?

I have worked for Crown for nearly ten years, starting in January 2012 as a Move Coordinator before progressing to Move Coordinator Manager for a global client. I enjoy change and a fresh challenge, so I transitioned into the company’s supply chain management department before joining the sales team as Residential Sales Consultant / Account Manager in 2018.

What has been the highlight from your time at Crown so far?

So far, my career highlight at Crown has been working on a large, challenging global account, which required a big team. We had to learn a variety of new processes and ensure we were always proactive so that we could provide a consistently high-quality service.

What languages do you speak, and which do you use most at work? How important is it to be multi-lingual?

French is my mother tongue, and I learned English at an early age. My work in the relocations industry has often required me to speak English and I have improved a great deal over the years. I am now proud to say that I speak the language fluently. I also speak some Spanish.

What do customers not often think about when planning their move?

Customers often underestimate how long it takes to pack their belongings, so it’s important that we help them plan. They want their items to arrive at the new property at the same time as they do, but when they are travelling by car and everything else by truck – which is a much slower vehicle and harder to park – this isn’t always possible so we always try to help manage their expectations so they can make arrangements for a smooth arrival.

What was the most challenging aspect of supporting customer moves?

There are challenges involved with most of our clients’ moves, this is simply part of the business. We solve these challenges by understanding customer needs, working to find viable solutions, and this sometimes involves thinking ‘outside of the box’ to ensure each move goes smoothly. We are managing a part of our clients’ lives and take this responsibility as their advisors very seriously.

Have you ever moved yourself? What lessons did you learn?

I have not moved internationally but I have moved twice within France. The biggest lesson I learned is that packing everything myself took a lot longer than I thought it would.
Now, if clients say they are going to pack themselves, I advise against it. By packing themselves they may inadvertently leave themselves insufficient time to prepare their departure and arrival, as well as to consider important issues such as customs documents and insurance.

What has been the most unusual or most adventurous move you have been involved with?

When I started as Residential Sales Consultant, I found one of my first moves very challenging. The client’s home at origin contained two or three rooms full of clothes on hangers, lots of boxes plus an upright piano, pool table and a cinema room with an expensive sound system. Establishing the volume of all these goods was tricky, but we completed the move successfully. 

What do you love about working in France? 

France is a multi-cultural, highly diverse country. Every day I meet different people in the office or when I’m out visiting clients.