Getting to know our team: Anna Schemiedova

We spoke to our Mobility Advisor, Anna Schmiedova about her experience working for Crown Relocations. With over five years’ experience, Anna shared some of her top tips for a seamless international move.  

How long have you been with Crown? Can you tell us more about your role?

I have just celebrated my five-year anniversary with Crown, so that’s quite something! I am a Residential Consultant, which means I conduct surveys for customer’s moves. I also quote and carry out the operational part of the service.

What’s the most common question clients ask you?

Typically, the most common questions are generally around “How long does the shipment take?” That’s a big one, especially since the arrival of the pandemic - which creates delays in maritime shipments because of congested ports.

What’s the most common mistake clients make when it comes to moving abroad?

I don’t think of it as mistakes, there are a lot of variables to an international move that there is no typical right or wrong. They may be stressed and have expectations about issues that are out of our hands, but that’s natural. An international transfer carries a lot of uncertainty and concern. My job is to provide support and reassurance during this time. Communication is key. 

Have you ever moved internationally yourself? If so, where did you move from and what was your experience?

Previously I moved from the Czech Republic to Spain with just two suitcases. At that moment I didn't even know that I was changing my residence forever!

What would be your number one tip for anyone preparing to live and work abroad?

My top tip is to not be afraid to try and speak the local language, even if your language skills aren’t perfect. The best way to learn is to have no fear and to join in as much as you can. People really appreciate it.

What’s the moment in your Crown career that has made you the proudest?

Seeing my clients happily settled into their new homes makes me feel really proud knowing that I contributed.

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

“I honestly think it would take a lot to change my home at this point. I am very happy in Spain. But I admire all the people who are willing to change their lives. It’s one of the things that makes the job so interesting.”