3 tips to move abroad for work

Have you found a job in another country? Are you unsure if it’s a good offer? From local regulations to cost of living,  there are plenty of things which could be different from Turkey. We explain you the most important things to take into account before moving overseas for work.

No matter if working abroad has been your childhood dream or if it came unexpectedly, it will definitely help you to advance in your professional career. You will get adjusted to a new working style, master another language and certainly expand your horizons. But are you aware of the practicalities of the relocation? How do you know you are having a good job offer?

Let’s take a look at the 3 most important (living) aspects to consider before embarking on a professional relocation:

1. Cost of living

You have been offered an incredible job offer abroad! It’s in your field of specialization, with attractive duties and the best: an unbelievable salary!
However, how do you know it is a good salary? Are you familiar with the local cost of living? Do you know the taxes you will be charged for? It can be certainly a good salary, but it can also be not. Before committing to any job offer, check the living costs (rents, food prices, leisure costs, taxes…), so you can have a clear idea of your available income, which at the end it is what it counts. Isn’t it?

2. Commuting time and living area

Sometimes the offers are in big cities, sometimes they are “near big cities”. Make sure you know the exact place of work before committing to any position.
Search about the area: How are the surroundings? Is it a metropolitan zone or is it rural one? Which leisure options are there? If you want to live in a town but the offices or facilities are located in a smaller community, how long will it take you to get there?

In the end, what it counts is that you are happy with your new life, so try to imagine yourself how your life would be like before accepting the position.

3. Contact other expats

Whether you are still hesitating about accepting an offer to work abroad or you have already decided you will embark on a new life abroad, the experience of other expats is invaluable. They have been through all the process of relocating and they can give you helpful insights about the country and the move.

Don’t hesitate and start searching for expat organizations or Facebook groups!