Do you already have a vet in your new town?– The preparations before leaving Turkey

How to have a pet-friendly move? What should you consider before moving out? How to avoid your pet’s stress during this transition period? Crown Relocations gives you the keys to preparing your furry friend for the moving day.
1)    Choosing your house… thinking about your pet
When it comes to select our future home, we have to check plenty of things: the location, the size, the prices… Do you have your pet in mind when making these choices? 
If you have a dog, try to have a property in an area with some parks, so your dog can play and socialize with other dogs. If you have no choice and unfortunately, there are no green areas in your new neighborhood, it would be good to start searching for the nearest parks well in advance, so your dog is affected as less as possible by the change. In the case of cats, it might be worth to check that the doors and balconies are safe and secure and that there are windows convenient for them so they can see the street. 
Once you have already chosen your new home, don’t forget to ask if the accommodation is pet-friendly! 
2)    The vet visit
Paying attention to your pet health before, during and after the trip is vital. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your vet all the doubts that you might have about the relocation process.
There are some things, you shouldn’t forget to ask your vet before your move:
-    Health certificates required in the country that you are moving to
-    Revision of the vaccines 
-    Getting your pet records to transfer it to the new vet
-    Drugs for the trip and the first day in the new location – if you pet is taking anyone at the moment or if you vet advise you to do so
-    Advice on how to find a new vet in your new location 
3)    Packing time
Some animals get stressed with the boxes. Thus, it is better to pack the things room by room, so your pet doesn’t see many things in the middle. 
Don’t forget to make a list of the things your pet will need during the journey – and make sure you don’t pack them! 
4)    Spoil them
When we relocate, we have plenty of things in mind (packing, farewells, choosing schools for the children…) and sometimes, we might unconsciously pay less attention to our pets. 
For your pets, relocating can be a stressful period, thus, try to spoil them a little bit the days before the move: let them sleep with you, give them some of their favorite foods… Make them feel you are with them all the time.