Merry green Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner and with shopping, parties, gift wrapping and cards, environmentally efforts are particularly important during the holidays. During these days we generate extra million tons of garbage, many of them from holiday cards.

Here are some easy sustainability tips to save money while helping the environment:

Save energy in lighting

Let your neighbours do the extravagant lighting display. Go simpler and use a controlled system timer; you’ll reduce energy costs dramatically.

Reuse cardboards

Don’t trash those large cardboard boxes that your gifts may have come in. With scissors, tape and paint, a cardboard box becomes a beautiful fireplace for the holidays. Make an extra to bring to school or a children’s hospital.

Reduce plastic trash

Make your kitchen a plastic-free zone, even during the busy holidays. Use plates, bowls, mugs and utensils to reduce the amount of paper and plastic trash generated.

Savvy savers

A huge amount of edible food are wasted each year. A good option could be packing your own lunches and avoiding the treats. It saves money, waste … and your waistline. Also try to use glass travel mugs, reusable lunch bags and the least plastic packaging possible.

Send E-cards

If you haven’t done it yet, do the transition to the E- cards. You will find a wide variety of different holidays cards in Internet to send to your loved ones.

From reusing materials to reducing our reliance on plastic, there are multiple ways to have a very green Christmas!