Relocating overseas: Best cities for a quality way of life

Relocating overseas is something that many people aspire to achieve in their lives. However there is never a guarantee to a quality stay and this is of course key to a great experience. Research from Deutsche Bank looked at the best cities to relocate to for a quality way of life. We took a closer look at their top three cities Wellington, Edinburgh and Vienna and some of the many great reasons to relocate there.

Relocating to Wellington

One of the many draws to life in Wellington, New Zealand is the amount of open space there is. With significantly less congestion than other western cities, you’ll find uncrowded communities, a low crime rate and minimal pollution. All of this adds to a relaxing way of life awaiting in Wellington, as well as a great work/life balance. The commute in Wellington tends to be shorter than other cities which means you’ll be able to spend more time in the evening enjoying all that Wellington has to offer.

Relocating to Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh was seen as the second best city that could offer a great quality of life. A move to Edinburgh generally means you will have a low commuting time. From their research travelling to and from work in Edinburgh had the shortest possible journey out of all cities reviewed. Living in Edinburgh also means you will be surrounded by all the picturesque scenery Scotland’s capital has to offer. As well as the world famous Fringe Festival, that celebrates the arts to enjoy in the summer.

Relocating to Vienna

Frequently topping polls as the friendliest city in the world, a relaxing life awaits you in Vienna. Described as the city of music, Vienna is the capital of Austria and the centre of its multicultural roots. There is also a history of the government investing in high-quality social housing, making Vienna almost uniquely affordable among major cities.

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