Where to relocate for improving your English

Despite the amount of time we invest in learning English, in Turkey, we are told many times that our level is not good enough. What better way of improving your English skills could there be than moving to an English-speaking country?? Here is a list of the top English-speaking destinations for expats – excluding the US – based on the last Expat Insider survey from Internations. 
Mediterranean breeze 
If climate is a key element in your destination choice, then the island-based country of Malta should be top of your list. Expats located there are extremely satisfied with their choice, and not only for the weather but also for the high quality of life, the ease in settling in and the local prices, which allow you to keep your personal finances in good shape!
Working but also living!
If work-life balance is a top priority for you, then we recommend you move a little bit further, towards the south-east…. Precisely to New Zealand! Moving to New Zealand will allow you to enjoy your free time, as among the English-speaking countries, people living in “le pays des kiwis” work on average 42.2 hours per week. And what best way to enjoy your evenings and weekends than surrounded by nature? New Zealand has an impressive landscape with a vast diversity of wildlife and this is something that the current expats highly appreciate: 95% of them rate the quality of the environment positively.
Looking into Asia?
If you would like to move to Asia for your relocation, but still speak in English, Singapore should be one of your top destinations. As Commonwealth country with English among its official languages, Singapore is a unique place if you are planning to live in a secure and multicultural environment. 100% of the expats surveyed gave a positive feedback regarding personal safety. And, if you are concerned about economics, 86% of the expats rate it positively!