Austin, TX

Austin, capital of state of Texas prides itself on being liberal and independent and above all, ‘different’ from the rest of Texas. Its recently adopted, unofficial slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’ is in deference to its residents’ open-minded attitudes and respect for individualism. Austinites are easy people to live among, and the city is both affordable and comfortable to live in. Despite its humid, hot summers, Austinites have a passion for the outdoors, particularly for water sports, hiking and off road biking.

Austin boasts a technology hub in its northern districts, which earned it the moniker ‘Silicon Hills’ back in the 1990’s. Nevertheless, Austinites tend to eschew big corporate in preference for its local small business community.

Austin boasts a vibrant music and arts scene and community spirit here is alive and well. In the city’s residential areas, such as South Congress, (or SoCo), street markets proliferate on the weekends, and shops stay open late while local bands fill the streets with music.