Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina, is a major US financial center. Second only to New York in terms of assets, the city is headquarters to banking behemoths Fargo Wells and Bank of America, along with a host of Fortune 500 companies.

Adding to its business-centric allure is a warm subtropical climate, picturesque suburbs, and excellent schools and leisure facilities. These attract no fewer than 500 new residents each week.

Plugged into the national transport infrastructure, Charlotte is an easy city to get to and from. When it comes to commuting however, the limited mass transit rail and the ‘iffy’ bus services compel most to take the car. Charlotteans accept a 30-minute drive as standard, which can be a shock to those arriving from smaller towns or big, urban environments.

In the rolling hills surrounding the city, vast lakes, both natural and manmade, can be found. These make for great weekend day trips. Golf courses and a host of other outdoor recreation options abound, while sports spectators flock to the city’s superb stadiums to support anything from Nascar to hockey. Charlotte boasts a rich selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping complexes that make leisure time in this city a real pleasure.