Best jobs for relocating overseas

If you want to deal with a new culture and expanding your international network, knowing what jobs offer the best opportunity for moving abroad is a good place to start.

Some studies confirm that working remotely is becoming increasingly popular. This increasing opportunity for travel beyond professions that require you to travel. We've listed both types here:

Pilot and cabin crew staff

There aren't many occupations that have the opportunities for living abroad that this one does. Becoming a pilot is a very rewarding occupation, both monetarily and in terms of moving opportunities. Varying from country to country, flight pilots will spend time overseas whilst working, earning considerably above the average wage varies between 27.000€ to over 130.000€ depending on seniority, aircraft and airline.

Pilots not only travel regularly as a matter of course. Many of them relocate  overseas to the home base of their employer. For example, Cathay Pacific for Hong Kong or Dubai for Emirates pilots. Many others choose to live elsewhere, subsidized by major airlines, and travel into their home base only for work.

Within this, lies employment opportunities for cabin crew members, hostesses and ground stuff.

English as a second language teacher (ESL)

These experts are in high demand both abroad and at home. In the moment you take a job as an ESL teacher it is an opener to a foreign country's culture. This profession usually sees teachers fly from the UK and US to Asia or Europe to teach. However, both professions require international relocation.

Digital Nomad

Digital nomad means a type of people who use computers and smartphones to earn a living and, more frequently, living their life in a 'nomadic way.' Digital nomads usually work in online advertising, website development and social media.

Working and travelling around the world as a digital nomad is thrilling and provides a grade of personal freedom more official expat packages don't as you get to live among a diverse set of cultures around the world. This career path usually provide opportunities to travel, rather than it being required.

Hospitality worker within the tourist industry

The hospitality industry is huge with a lot of opportunities for employees to travel, find work around the world and experience life in a new cultural environment. This hospitality industry within the service industry includes many working possibilities like, lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line etc. Hotel groups are some the world's biggest employers after all!

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