Getting to know our team, Nevine Hussein

We spoke to our Residential Consultant,  Nevine Hussein about her experience working for Crown Relocations and her top tips to help you plan your next international move.  

How long have you been working for Crown Relocations? 

Almost 13 years now, since July 2008.

Have you moved internationally yourself? 

I have moved from my home country Egypt to UAE back in 2016. 

What lessons did you discover from your own move? 

I have moved locally several times within the UAE so I was always feeling good with the Crown Team. They are extremely professional and always make the move happen smoothly.

How long have you lived in the UAE? 

Five years so far now: three years in Dubai plus two in UAE.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I enjoy watching movies, going to the café, playing games with my friends or chatting to other friends over on social media.

Can you explain more about what a residential consultant does? 

A residential consultant primarily conducts physical surveys in order to understand their clients needs in more detail. This includes, estimating the volume of the move, quoting for the work, and being available for our clients. The most important part of the role is using our knowledge of the industry to help our clients moves run smoothly. Beyond assessing the size of your move we also support with the necessary import custom clearance documents and advising on any specific special request.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Crown? 

I enjoy interacting with people, meeting with them face to face and the joy of helping my clients fulfil their moving dreams. 

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

My highlight so far was when I was chosen as the Middle East Employee of the Year in 2010. 
I had the chance to learn a lot with Crown, I started in customer service then as a move manager and now as a sales consultant. I owe all my experience to Crown as the company has been investing in me. They believed in my skills and I am proud to have this long experience with the largest worldwide moving company in our industry.

What has been your favourite move to work on? 

I supported one client with a shipment to New Zealand. He was quite concerned about this move and the process but it all went smoothly. He sent a thanks letter which was 11 pages and personally mentioned my support throughout. Client feedback like this is such a rewarding part the job.

What was the most challenging and how did you overcome the challenges? 

I had one client he didn’t have the necessary import documents for the destination part and this means he would have to pay duties and taxes, he was not happy to be subject to pay those charges but we found a way to initiate a document from his employer which was accepted by the customs and all went well by then. 
Nevine Hussein