Are you thinking about moving to Dubai? Have you done some research but you are not sure if you should move? Do you know when is the best time to find a home?

We recommend to start looking for a home, as close to the time that you receive your residence visa for a home, for the following reasons:

Residence visa

The landlord will ask for a copy of this, or at least a letter from your company stating that the visa is being processed.


If the lease contract will be in your name as the tenant, you  will need to provide your residence visa for Crown to complete any utility connections on your behalf.


If you do not have a residence visa, you will not be able to open a bank account which you will likely need for your payments. One of the most important payments that needs to be made to secure a property is the security deposit. This is normally five percent of the annual rent for unfurnished properties or 10 percent for furnished properties. Once this is paid, the landlord will expect the rent payment(s) shortly after. The Dubai property market moves quickly, so to

avoid losing your preferred property to another tenant, it’s important to also move quickly when it comes to payments.

Contract start date

Landlords in Dubai usually want to begin the lease immediately. If a property is ready, it could be less than five days to accept the lease. Along with acceptance, rental payments are usually expected too. This will vary depending on the landlord. We also like you to take note that these quick timings don’t suit tenants waiting for residence visas or shipments to arrive as you might be required to start the contract even if you do not have your household goods yet.

Can I secure a property early, before I have my residency visa?

If a landlord advertises their property in May as being available for lease in July for example, you will not be able to keep this on hold unless the security deposit is paid. So between May and July, a potential tenant could pay the deposit to secure the property ahead of you. Hence why it

is easiest to view properties when you arrive in Dubai and once your visa is already processed. Don’t worry, you will find something closer to your arrival.

Home search

On the day of your home search, you will view the properties we have organized for you and then decide which one would you like to proceed with. Our relocation consultants will research the property market and liaise with agents prior to your viewing appointment, compiling your list of suitable properties. We ensure that the properties are within your budget, meet your requirements and are currently available for lease.

If you need help finding your home in Dubai, contact our local consultants.