Getting to know our team: Sylvie Hartmann

We spoke to our Sales Consultant, Sylvie Hartmann about her experience working for Crown Relocations and her top tips to help you plan your next international move.

Can you tell us about your role at Crown?

My role is to evaluate and understand the specific needs of my clients. I will always take this on board to communicate clearly the expected process that their move will take. It is paramount that my clients have transparency in the timeline of their move and that I provide them with clear expectations. Each move is unique and our clients can rest assured that there are very few services we cannot provide to meet their needs, while making sure their personal belongings are well taken care off.

How long have you been working for Crown Relocations?

I have been with Crown for the past seven and a half years so far!

What has been the highlight of your time at Crown so far?

Supporting my client’s moves is still the highlight of what I do. I enjoy the satisfaction of my customers settling into their new home and knowing I was a part of making their move a success. 

What has been the most unusual move request to come through?

I supported a full service moves a few years ago that included pet relocation, exit cleaning, house repairs, car resell services, and even garden clean up and tree trimming. It was an exciting move to support and it was rewarding knowing Crown Relocations could do all that and more.

What is your top tip for a stress-free move?

Prompt communication is key. Understanding and managing expectations from the get go and clearly laying out the details of the process from A to Z. We have a great range of services beyond moving household goods and so there may be other elements of your move we can help with. Always worth sharing with your consultant all the support you need for your upcoming move. 

What has been your favourite move to support so far?

It was a move back to Mexico from Zurich. The client had unfortunately just lost her job and so this was a difficult time for them personally. They chose Crown Relocations and put their trust in us to help her during this difficult time. I found that really fulfilling to be able to provide her with the necessary support and trust. 

What is your advice on how to settle into a new culture?

Culture shock is a temporary but inevitable part of moving to a new country and culture. My advice is to be patient and seek out expat communities so you can start building a network of new friends. Also, learn some basics in the new home language of your destination ahead of time, this can open up new opportunities to connect with locals.

If you didn’t live in Switzerland, where would you live?

I love the quality of life here. Somewhere warm and sunny would be nice, on an Island maybe 😊