IT Technology Support

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    It takes 15 minutes to safely decommission a PC. Do you really want to do them all?

    Do you really want to ask your staff to power-down and reboot all your PCs? Not to mention tidying up the miles of cables.

    Our dedicated IT support team can safely decommission every PC, server, hub, and switch. We ensure that all equipment is safely transported, relocated and powered-up ready for your people to resume where they left off.

    Our services included secure laptop transit secure asset tracking for sensitive data, and specialist wrapping and containment. We can complete the task by cleaning desktop kit and testing.

    Information theft is so prevalent, extra measures are essential.

    Crown’s heritage in handling highly sensitive corporate data ensures we take all necessary precautions to prevent a security breach.

    We will conduct a pre-move audit and inventory. All packing crates can be bar-coded, signed in and out, and tracked throughout. We also offer sealable transit units with audited tags.

    All vehicles are attended by our security-cleared, uniformed teams throughout the move. Vehicles are tracked in transit and, if required, in secure overnight storage.