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    Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.


    September 2018
    "I Can not fault the amazing job Crown Relocation did! A big thank you to Karin Coley in the UK for helping our move run smoothly and Rachel Bailey and Andrea Lowry in New Zealand.”

    Mr Ian S

    UK to UK


    August 2018
    "Excellent feedback and communication throughout. The consultant was also able to coordinate last minute delays and rearrange a number of major items. Very satsified with the service.”

    Mr Alan O

    UK to UK


    June 2018
    "Crown was very accomodating with my relocation requests and communication was easy.”

    Mr Francisco P

    UK to UK


    May 2018
    "Very good communication between Vicky and myself throughout the move.  Vicky was also very helpful early on in the process and I was really pleased that she was working with us !”

    Mr Richard C

    UK to USA


    March 2018
    "Jane Ramsey was really helpful throughout the process, and really easy to get hold of.”

    Mrs Ruth B

    UK to UK


    February 2018
    "Jasmine Carroll was helpful and able to provide clarity on next steps and how she could help - especially with some of our more complex needs. The relocation was made a lot easier with the various Crown representatives who helped us move.”

    Mr Craig D

    Edinburgh to Australia


    January 2018
    "This is my second international move with Crown and I was very pleased their overall performance of packing and unpacking our belongings safely and the customer service throughout the whole process.”

    Mr Joseph R
    Cambridgeshire to New Jersey


    January 2018
    "Overall Crown helped make what would have been a stressful process much simpler.”

    Mr Simon C
    Brighton to Boston


    December 2017
    "It was a great crew and a successful move.”

    Mr James A
    UK to USA


    October 2017
    "Sorin, was very good at asking all the time where and how I would like things. I often offered to do some tasks but he was happy with the team to complete it themselves. He and his colleagues worked tirelessly especially in Vienna and cleaned up everything at the end. He was polite and courteous and was a pleasure to have him carry out the move.”

    Mr Roderick E
    Aberdeen to Bucharest


    October 2017
    "Absolutely each person gave 110% of effort, they were friendly and fabulous to work with. Will definitely use Crown when I move again. Jacob kept us informed and was on the ball all the time. Fantastic move, great service , can't rate it highly enough."
    Mrs Barbara S
    Brixham to Spain


    September 2017
    "All of the packers and handymen: Very professional and made us feel comfortable and not in the way. Packers were especially thoughtful on what we would need overnight and what the kids needed."
    Mr Jeevan B
    Brighton to Singapore


    August 2017
    "Mary went out of her way; above and beyond what she needed to for me. She firstly took time to understand exactly what my accommodation needs were; gave me good insight into the property market in Wellington; and talked me through the whole process. She was very organised, totally flexible, working around my working hours; used her initiative: phoning and texting property managers and agents; always looking out for me as her client. Ensuring that she was doing the best for me, rather than just accepting the first property that came to hand . She was very likeable and a good ambassador for Crown"  
    Ms Jane W.
    London to New Zealand


    August 2017
    "KL: Brandon Lee: Everything from start to finish was dealt with in a professional manner, emails were clear and concise, phone calls were initiated when required and pick up and delivery of passport was efficient within the timelines previously advised"  
    Mr David A.
    Edinburgh to Malaysia


    July 2017
    "Lisa Shearing: Perfect communication; very supportive and professional. Both teams: very good, hard working crew"  
    Mr Massimiliano C.
    Ashbourne to Cirencester


    July 2017
    "karen uk office: great - friendly - efficient - helpful. An all round good egg! Was recommended Crown by a colleague and so glad i used the company, great service both ends (uk and thai)"  
    Mr. Martin B. 
    UK to Thailand


    June 2017
    "London: Katie Mullaly: Very quick to respond to queries and keeping me informed about the process."  
    Mr. Martin P. 
    UK to Canada


    April 2017
    "Never felt under pressure to sign up with Crown. However the benefits that were explained to us, which turned out to be 100% correct, gave us the confidence to go with Crown."  
    Ms. Sue B. 
    UK to Australia


    January 2017
    "Both the packing personnel in London as well here in Norway were excellent. Also the conversations / emails I had with the coordinating staff were professional and polite."

    Ms Anne Figel
    UK to Norway