Moving checklist

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    When moving home, a good old-fashioned list is a great way to get organised, avoid chaos and those occasional bouts of forgetfulness.
    Knowing where to start may be the trickiest part when putting together your checklist. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve created our own list so you can kick start your moving tick boxes.

    • Have you let everyone know your new address?
    • It’s no fun still paying for utilities and services you no longer use, remember to cancel everything.
    • Wash items that may need to be quarantined, such as bikes and golf equipment – other countries don’t want your mud.
    • Defrost your fridge and freezer at least 48 hours prior to move day.
    • Ensure you, or someone you trust, is present during the arrival and departure of our packing team. It’s your responsibility to ensure all items intended for removal are packed and removed before the team leaves.
    • Remove and fold all bed linen from the beds.
    • Arrange for someone to look after the kids on packing day, there is enough to do without children running around.
    • Don’t forget to pack your passports in your hand luggage, it sounds simple but it’s so easy to pack them away in one of those many boxes.
    • Don’t put breakables or liquids in drawers, such as perfumes and make-up.
    • Don’t put perishable foods (cereals and flours, for example) in storage.
    • Don’t forget to list any antiques, paintings, or other high value items you wish to take with you in your transit protection declaration
    • Finally don’t panic! Trust the expertise of the relocation company