Calling all parents moving to India

As the the academic year is about to begin in India, parents relocating there are prompted to start their research into schooling across this country.  India

Finding school placement can be a stressful time, but when you're moving to a new country, the added hassle of not knowing the local culture and normalities can create a complex task.

Ensuring your child's education is exactly as you require will make a considerable difference to the success of relocating. To help you begin your research, we have created "Education Guide India 2014", written by Relocation Consultants with specialist knowledge from years of industry experience.

This guide is an excellent tool that provides parents an in-depth understanding of the schooling system in India. Key topics covered include:

• School options in various location in India
• International schooling situation in India
• Selecting a school

To read the Education Guide India 2014, please click on the link.

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