Crown’s Virtual Consultation Service is a Win for Everyone

Crown Relocations Virtual Consultation service is the modern way to arrange a moving quote from the comfort of your home via a mobile device.

Virtual consultations have revolutionized the way Crown does business. The added value that this service brings not only benefits the customer, but also the employer while reducing our impact on the environment. The virtual consultation process begins with an email sent to the customer explaining what should be done prior to meeting with a Moving Consultant, including opening all cabinets and turning on interior lights so a clear video is recorded.
The consultation typically takes between 20-40 minutes including Q&A and tour where the customer walks around their homes with a mobile device that can stream video of their belongings they would like included in a moving estimate.

After the video chat is completed, The Moving Consultant prepares a detailed inventory from the recorded video and sends it to the customer for review and approval. Shortly thereafter, the customer can expect a tailored proposal emailed directly to them. 
  Here are some of the benefits of Crown’s Virtual Consultation Service.  

  • Customers schedule the virtual consultation at a time and day convenient to them. 
  • If there is no wireless connection customers can upload a pre-recorded video and the Moving Consultant can estimate the needs and volume from the video.
  • Virtual Consultation Service eliminates having to let a stranger into the customer’s personal space, adhering to all current health and safety protocols across the globe.
  • Customers still get their face to face time, the only difference is it's online rather than in-person.
  • Weight/volume tend to be more accurate than a traditional in-home survey because there is a recorded video to reference.
  • The Moving Consultant can increase the number of consultations performed per day since they are not spending so much time traveling to various locations. 
  • This service adheres to Crown’s corporate social responsibility initiative of reducing our impact on the environment with reduced congestion and vehicle emissions.

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