Integrating LGBT expats in a global economy

Global organizations who see talent mobilization and management as essential to a strategic growth plan take care to prepare employees for the challenges of an overseas assignment. Intercultural training helps assignees adapt and embrace new cultures. But even with preparation, adapting to a new culture takes time.

An international assignment, though, can present different challenges for an employee who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), including risks to personal safety in some countries around the world. In Integrating LBGT Expats, an article in Talent Management magazine, Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services, presents circumstances that an LGBT assignee might encounter, such as lack of legal protection or little social acceptance. She notes that transparency and a policy of flexible assignee support are key to meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse global workforce.

Read about addressing these diversity and inclusion challenges in Talent Management magazine: Integrating LGBT Expats.

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US News & World Report spoke with Crown’s Benedict Slonecki (Intercultural and Language Training and Partner Support Coordinator) and Lisa Johnson (Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services) about the steps LGBT travelers can take to avoid potentially risky situations and make the most of their travel. Read “5 Things Every LGBT Traveler Must Know Before Going Overseas.”

Rose Eliff
Regional Marketing Specialist

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