Relocating with your pet – What to expect

Your pets are like family, so you want to make certain that they’re well cared for throughout the relocation. Expectations of relocating with petsTo help you understand what to expect and minimize any stress or worry, our Crown San Francisco office is happy to provide the following helpful information on what happens when relocating with your precious cargo.

Because we know how important their pets are to our customers (and to us), Crown San Francisco has selected Pet-Express as our partner; their pet transport specialists offer the best service in pet relocations. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is specifically chosen for transport because their state-of-the-art facility conducts more live cargo flights than most airports in the world.

When relocating your pet, our team will complete all the needed paperwork as well as organize the physical transport. From check-in, which may be two to three hours prior to departure, to unloading your pet at the destination, our pet transporters' number one priority is your pet's comfort and safety.

The process begins with an early check-in at the scheduled airfreight terminal. The airline staff will check and confirm:

  1. The breed type and size vs. the reservation.
  2. That your pet's crate is fit for transport with the right locking mechanism.
  3. Your pet has fresh water in its approved, previously attached funnel.
  4. The shipper’s certificate is verified and complete.

Expectations of relocating with petsPets are generally loaded last and unloaded first from the aircraft.  Your pet's crate will travel by trolley from the terminal when it is time to board. When your pet reaches the assigned aircraft, its crate will be put onto a belt loader and then placed into its assigned location in the cargo hold. 

Every aircraft is configured differently. All animals, including your pet, travel in the pressurized, temperature-controlled cargo compartment. Once your pet is aboard the aircraft, their crate is strapped to the floor using approved airline restraints. The trained and certified live animal loading team will then check that your pet is in good health. They will check again that water is available before the cargo door is shut and the aircraft pushes back. At this stage, the cargo hold is quiet and the lights are dimmed. This is done to ensure a comfortable environment for your pet's journey.

When your pet arrives at destination, they will be off-loaded and brought out to their loved ones. The time from unload to pick-up is usually about an hour for those destinations not requiring quarantine.

Crown and its partners are all members of and follow the International Air Transport Association (IATA) live animal transport regulations.

Together, we safely fly thousands of pets around the country and the world every year, relocating and reuniting them with families like yours. Pets are family, too.

Additional information can be found on our website.