Off-site storage - Tips to keep your property safe during El Niño

This winter’s El Niño weather phenomenon is expected to pack a punch! Some areas are expected to experience heavy rainfall and potential flooding, with high tides, strong winds in coastal areas and possible flash floods in mountain areas. How can you keep your property safe from weather-related damage? 

Experts suggest the following:

  • Assess storm and flood risk for your property.
  • Clean and repair gutters.
  • Place temporary sand bags in areas at risk of flooding.
  • Update emergency plans and kits.
  • Review or purchase flood insurance.
  • Use off-site storage.


Under wetter-than-normal conditions, off-site storage is your best bet for storing outdoor and off-season items. Outdoor furniture, watercraft, garden equipment, Christmas décor, outdoor decorative displays and other items all need to be stored safely and securely to protect your investment. 

Off-site storage is preferable to other storage methods. Outdoor sheds are subject to cold, heat, flooding, mold and nests of critters. Awning-covered outdoor spaces won’t protect your gear from the elements, either, and patio furniture covered with plastic storage covers is subject to damaging condensation. Mini-self-storage isn’t ideal because most companies limit insurance coverage. Self-storage renters have suffered rat infestations, theft through broken walls and other losses. 

Off-site storage provides a safer solution. Here are four tips to choosing an off-site storage facility: 

  • Security – Select a facility that is safe and secure, ideally with fencing that secures the entire property. Video surveillance is a plus.
  • Location – Select storage in an area that is less likely to draw vermin. 
  • Climate control – A climate-controlled unit might cost a bit more, but it will offer more protection for your items. Very high or low temperatures, as well as dampness, can quickly cause damage. Also, make sure that rising ground water from snow or rain can't penetrate your storage unit.
  • Cleanliness – Be sure the facility is routinely and thoroughly cleaned. A clean facility is less likely to be subject to bugs and rodent infestations. Verify that the facility has a permanent, reliable pest extermination contract in place before you trust them with your belongings.

The goal is to keep your goods high and dry and safely protected from rain, flooding and pests. Off-site storage in a clean, secure facility offers an ideal solution, especially during the wet weather that El Niño will bring. 

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